Senior Project Part 1: The Beginning

Hello all!

A few months ago, before I left on a lengthy trip to Morocco to help out with a few local NGOs, I decided to set myself on a mission – to create an independent game this year and make it a Senior Project (an independently run class that counts for credit, producing some physical piece at the end – last year a couple of people made some educational posters or something), then submit that game to a couple of independent game festivals in the ‘student’ category. Now, I know that winning is nigh-impossible for a game that competes with the students at Digipen and Full Sail, but I thought that I might as well give it a go.

I am tossing around three ideas at the moment, and attempting to have a few more before I attempt to recruit a team. That team will consist of me, acting as writer and lead developer, a programming with perhaps a secondary programmer if he/she wants it, an audio and a visual designer. So the five of us will hopefully be able to get the entire thing shipped and packaged (perhaps even non-metaphorically) by next year, in order to submit it to the IGF.  I hope to have a running demo… perhaps even a trailer if I can persuade of of the digital media guys to do it…  by this December, the team assembled before October, then have it ready for testing by March.  Visual and Audio will be more fluid categories than they seem – I hope to have the amount of audio-game connection one sees in Flower, and the visual-game connection one might see in Limbo. Combine that with the polish and cohesion of a AAA title, the randomly generated content of LOVE, the Multiplayer integration of Starcraft, the length and writing of Portal, the timelessness of Pokemon, the story of Bioshock and the fanbase of MMOs, and you have exactly the game I want to make. Of course, if I hit half the quality of one of those titles, I will be immensely pleased.

If you want to hear more about the goings on of this project, check back in here later.

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