Links: The Websites You Direly Need to Know

Friends, Bloggers, Countrymen, lend me your ears: I come bearing tidings of great links for one and all! I figured, hey, what can a lone game developer aspirant hope to achieve on the interwebs all alone? Little! But what can a lone game developer aspirant point you to that wiser and better people have written? Many things! So I’ll post ’em a couple at a time, so I can explain them in detail. Starting with the easy ones…

The biggest of the big: GAMASUTRA. A resource hub of game developers of every class and creed, all joined together under one banner of tolerance and a furthering of the art. Has posts from Journalist, Level Designers, Programmers, People who think Games are Art, People who dislike Zynga, you know, all the top groups. I generally subscribe to the ‘Expert Blogs‘ section, but they have places for features, news, interviews, jobs, and other random members’ blogs. Protip: Read the comments, they’re usually far more provocative and interesting than the articles themselves. But read the articles too.

You’ve got to be on top of the news if you want to sound knowledgeable at all, so pick your Game News site of choice: Kotaku, IGN, and 1UP will suit you fine, and I’m sure there’s a million others. I personally subscribe to two: Joystiq, for good mainstream game news, decent (if almost universally optimistic) reviews, and free contests once a week, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun for indie games, some interviews, and a fantastic Sunday package of links.

Lastly, one that just makes all this blog-tracking feasible: Google Reader. Google’s RSS feed tracker – it’s well made and not too bulky. If you don’t use a RSS feed aggregator, make the switch – it’s easy, simple, and saves you so much time, which you can use to read more blogs!

Post more links below, and they will be added. (Shameless self promotion time is nigh)

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