Links: Artists!

Hello again, ye game dev aspirants who doth want more links. Here they are! Bask in their linkedness! Post more! I figured I’d focus on visual art for this set, pointing out some people to follow and some places to check out. So here we go!

First off, on the concept art side, Gawker Media’s io9 has a pretty neat concept art aggregation feed over here. A collection of artists who work at Blizzard, calling themselves Sons of the Storm, have a pretty large, consistently updating gallery here; If you need other inspiration in concept art, it’s not hard to find – just look at some recent (or canceled) mmo’s concept art page / book and you’ll find a hotbed of concept artism. Other games often have such places too, but MMOs consistently release a ton of art content. Lastly, look to, which is all about, well, concept art.

On the side of just artists, there’s a few large communities to which you can turn: two of which are Tumblr and Deviantart. Click around, follow links, look at what you like – often artists are interested (no, none of this again) in working on games, especially ones who are still finding their voice, so team up with some! Build connections with people like you. There are better guides to Tumblring and Deviantarting around, so look for them. There are other places too, so just look around. Here’s a smattering of links in both places to get you started: (Tumblr) Kelly Aarons, Evan Dahm, Aido, a whole bunch of other people, (just look around, really). The more people you follow, the more people you repost and talk to and all that jazz, the better connected you are to people! And if there’s one thing to know about Independent Game Artists, it’s that you cannot know enough people. Here’s four on deviantart, but really, the website’s intuitive, so set up a thing and search around, and follow some people.

Whew. Closing in now, don’t worry. For artisting yourself, here’s two dead useful gesture drawing tools: Animals, and People. Here’s two articles you should read, then read about the feedback to the first one. Here’s some larger artists: Robh RuppelDylan Cole, James Clyne, Feng Zhu, and Anne Stokes; there are hundreds, thousands others out there.

Finally, just a handful of other links: Another gallery, and a blog and another, and if you want drawing tutorials look to tutorials on deviantart or for photoshopping look to Pixeltango, Society6 is another art site, here’s a comic article site, and Aaron Diaz’s comic instruction site, the Astronomy Picture of the Day, The Big Picture for news via photography, and I’ll stop there. Post more links below!

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