Things I’ve been doing: Arduino Blog Cred!

Well, as a wise webcomicist once said, no blog is ever truly a blog without arduino to prove your indie-ness. So here’s my contribution to the thing, the basis for a arduino-powered tower defense game! I never actually implemented any of the mechanics, mainly due to the fact I didn’t want to learn the semantics for OOArduino, but hey, it took me forever to wire up. Here’s the layout of it:

And here’s some pictures of it. I really should have taken a video while I still had it running, but the software kinda blew up in my face after my hard drive crashed earlier this year, so I’d have to go redownload that, and that was precious time I could be reading Order of the Stick in.

Lots of wires, lots of buttons, a binary counter, tower upgrade system, and a point-getting system. I probably could mimic the OO nature of the game with enough arrays, but I borrowed the arduino board and need to give it back before the end of the year.


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