Animation? Whats that?

So I did some animation! And I did it on one piece of paper, with a desktop lamp and a pencil and iStopMotion and no sound. For all that, I think it went pretty well! Check it out here – – and I’ll now say some things I learned. Bear with me, it’s baaaaasic stuff.

A) With the one-piece-of-paper method, you really can’t have a person in one place for too long. You’ll just tear through the paper. I like the 1-paper style though, it’s at least kinda interesting and unique even if it looks amateur. Which is fine, because, well, I am one. Also, the whole thing seems a little fast paced – I’d like to slow it down next time, maybe go for 45 sec – 1 min videos, with more in-betweens.

B) My camera, at the moment, is an iSight magnetic camera fixed to a desk lamp which lights the page. This leads to horrible glare and a constant movement of the camera. Especially when you bump it. So… don’t do that? Also, tape down the page and lamp, and I’m going to see what I can do to reduce the glare of the lamp. Maybe stick a sheet of paper over it, and just hope it doesn’t burn.

C) I’m going to stick to once-per-week for these videos, because then I can try out new things every week and have a few days to perfect them. I’ll also be going through the via these videos. Obviously the ball was Squash n’ Stetched, so I’m going to work on Anticipation this time.

Aight, peace!

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