iPhone MiniCritiques: Battleheart

Hey! A thing I’ve been doing is playing lost of iPhone games recently, so here’s some reviews on them, so yep. Battleheart!

Battleheart is a single-screen RPG – 1 backdrop, 4 characters of standard RPG classes (Knight, Thief, Wizard, Cleric, etc) with a little bit of customization and a fair bit of challenge and depth and a whole lot of play time for 2.99$. Oh, and it’s 2.99, not your silly .99 cent pricing that is ridiculous and demeaning to quality, iPhone Developers. So props for that, Battleheart! It’s developed by Mika Mobile Inc., which is a rising iPhone game developer and is pretty cool and all that so if you like this check the others out. Very cute and fitting art style, well balanced so that grinding can overcome difficulty at any point suiting itself well to a casual audience, and a little bit of end-game and patched content too – always excellent to see.

But it does have issues. Definitely. It feels like they only tested the UI on an iPhone – so iPad users will not have the functionality of a bigger UI or helpful cues that come with larger resolutions. Painfully annoying issue when the game is focused around small objects moving in random directions intersecting with other objects in motion also. Issue #1.

Issue #2 rises around the lack of endless, multiplayer driven content. In an age where Minecraft and PvP and Levelbuilders and Randomly Generated Content is just everywhere, it’s strange that the only challenge after beating the game comes in the form of one arena where an endless stream of monsters dance toward you until you get bored and quit or get mauled to a pulp. As the monsters only take 5 or 6 forms, and the waves are not set up in interesting ways like the other fights, it gets suuuuuuuper boring. Add a bit of PvP, or player generated content, or a handful of interesting challenging end-game monsters, and it’d build a hardcore fanbase that’d be chomping at the bit for Battleheart 2.

Still a fun game tho! So check it out over on iTunes.

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