iPhone MiniCritiques: Hard Lines

In 9 words: Snake, plus a few weeks of alternate mode development.

Picture from the App store.

Hard Lines is a quality game, with snappy writing (in Snake? What?) that’s spouted by the Lines, clean crisp visuals, lots of modes, and a metric lot of replayability. It does have the recurring issue of only GameCenter achievements, which means navigating through a bloated menu for that. Which means that you’re not reminded of them and therefore you don’t care about them. But whatever, not all that important, and a quality game that’s worth more than the 99c it charges, and a steal at that. But the real interesting part about this game? It’s Snake!

Yea. That’s Right. The most interesting part about this game is that it stole, completely, an old mechanic – and then resold it with new depth! Angry birds stole Castle Crashers, but didn’t add depth, just accessibility. So have a thousand Arkanoid reskins, a thousand Tiny Wings clones, a thousand of a thousand other games. But Hard Lines added DEPTH. So someone who played Anaconda can pick this up, know the mechanic, and play it like a sequel or another game of the same genre and learn the new quirks of the system! Indicative of a new wave of people doing the same thing, for everything from Pacman to Unpleasant Horse? Maybe. But reskins with more availability seem to sell better.

Of this story there’s some more you can play it at the iTunes Store!

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