Time for… DMing Tricks part 2!

It’s back! It’s a thing! It’s yeah! Yeaaaaah!

1) If a player wants to spend more time than just the sessions to work out backstory, create a character, write a poem, RUN WITH IT. The world is fleshed out 90 times more and they feel super excited when you eventually do get to go back to their homeland. Simple as that. Also, whatever they say a) players will actually pay attention to and b) makes them feel super special and c) you don’t have to do yourself.

2) Mechanics Convert. Like a mechanic from a boss fight from FFVII? Or WoW? Or Battleheart? Really enjoy playing Plants Vs. Zombies, or running incursions in EVE? Steal all the mechanics! Whether it’s a flame that follows a character like in Snake or an entire mission based around a concept built off of Blackjack, gamers love it when they can relate one game to another. On that note…

3) Gamers love playing games! So play some games. Pull out playing cards during an exposition dump James Bond style. Work up a system for an organized sport that players run through (Gladiatorial Combat is cheating). If you can work out playing it in a dungeon, all the better. Boccie Ball, Darts, a round of Super Smash – all can work if you play it just right. And if players want to cheat, make them make a slight of hand check!

4) Last one. If you want people to play that aren’t excited to play the scaaaary DND but can read comics/webcomics (most people) have them go read Darths And Droids and then Order of the Stick. In that order, Darths is less game-mechanics-y. They worked for me! Might work for you. Just be prepared for your first 10 sessions that every spell is Summon Bigger Fish, every new item is a 10-ft laser pole, every familiar is named Blackwing, every MacGuffin is the Lost Orb of Phantasmagoria, every bard will sing ‘Bluff, Bluff, Bluff, Bluff the stupid Ogre’ and everyone wants to take the penalty ‘Taste Good to Dragons’. Yea. So maybe don’t do that instead?


Closer: I’ve actually posted things on mah Tumblr, so that is a thing! Peace!

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