Short Little Post About A Thing

Should be packing for college, but am not, so I’m posting a thing. Short bits of advice for any game dev aspirants out there like me (and perhaps to me in four years as well):

1) You have no idea what you’re doing. Ever. Even if you think you do. Even if you know you do. You haven’t a clue.

2) Figure out what you’re doing through allegory. Study art if you can program. Study dance if you’re good at level design. Study writing if you’re good at writing. Then study eight more things.  Then do it again. Business. Theater. Animation. Architecture. Science Fiction. Russian Literature. Anthropology. Psychology. Basket Weaving. Fiddle.

3) Wait a while, and figure out what all of those things mean to game design. How scrum could apply to level design psychology. How Tolstoy relates to Battle for Middle Earth 2. How wicker applies to the rising bloat in the App Store. If you don’t know how it applies, good. Make crap up. That’s how everyone does it.

4) Find a bunch of other people who are also making crap up, and make crap up together. And by make crap up together, I mean games. Then, boom! You’re a game designer. Fancy that. Just make sure you’re still studying, still learning, still connecting, still reflecting. Still being humble.



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