iPhone Minicritiques: Hook Champ!

Retro Indiana Jones meets Link’s Hookshot and pisses off the Smoke Monster.

The best platformer I’ve played on the iPhone far and away, Hook Champ has you swinging from the ceiling, getting tiny wings style bursts of speed from sharp execution and a wide array of unlockables. 2.99$ and now a relative classic on the platform, it’s an excellent use of a platformer using 1-button touch movement (though if you’re odd you can move otherwise). All you TF2 fans will love the hats in it. The studio that made this excellent game, Rocketcat Games (Excellent name, btways) has come out with a couple of other Hook related games in the meanwhile (Hook Worlds and Super QuickHook) which I haven’t played yet but will likely get around to doing. Why did I critique this one? Only for the reason that it’s a super game? No way, Janet.

The reason I chose this is because it points to a whole group of games out there which are potentially dangerous. Or at least, potentially industry-changing, and change is just danger with a dr for a ch, which is not actually that remarkable, but it proves a point but whatever anyway what yes thing They change the industry. Why? Because they’re good games, released for a downloadable platform, with no reason that they will get outdated. Not a one! Not even a little. Right now the App Store thrives on fresh games brought in sparking innovation alongside massive giant games that keep it funded. Innovation alongside stagnation. But what happens when New Innovation has to fight not only Big Successes, not only Other Innovators, but a massive backlog of 10, 20, 50 years of Past Innovators and Past Big Successes too? It’s not like these are going away! It’s not like they’re relying on good graphics! It’s not like a new platform is going to come and demand ports! I’m not suggesting that the App Store will pull an E.T., but things will happen there. It’s too crazy. However, if I had to make a guess at what would happen, then let me just say…

Winter is coming.

Until then, though, check it out on teh AppStroe.


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