Hey! So I just realized that I could put a thing here that shows all the research I did and have done since Cyberpunk!

So the kicker was William Gibson’s Neuromancer, the inspiration for the thing. I read Snow Crash beforehand, and I’m currently reading Count Zero as well. I also have a stack of  used Cyberpunk books sitting at home that I’ll get to eventually, but those unfortunately have to wait.

On the movie front, obviously Blade Runner was a key player, as well as the Matrix and Tron (new and old) and the original Ghost in the Shell. That lead to me watching Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society from the 2000s, and a number of other movies which aren’t as cyberpunk as these ones. Also played the original Deus Ex, a bit of Uplink, and am meaning to play Deus Ex: HR as soon as they drop the price on Steam.

For picture inspiration, I used Blade Runner a ton and then skimmed through Akira and Battle Angel Alita. I hadn’t drawn much digital art at all before then, so I picked up the Scott Pilgrim series and ripped as much of his style off as I could. I then ran through some various webcomics (QC, Johnny Wander, XKCD) and tried to find the closest font that could match them (I eventually decided on DigitalStrip). Erm… I’m studying more webcomics and artists now that I’m trying to ink and color it (mainly Awkward Zombie and Dresden Codak, but I have like 70 on Google Reader) and finally I read through a slew of graphic novels: Maus, Watchmen, V For Vendetta, and others.

Oh, and obviously a shout out is necessary to the folks over at TVTropes. Y’all are creepily good at what you do.

Maybe I’ll do this again once I finish it for good? Perhaps? Perhaps.


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