Internship Tips and Tricks

Hey! A short post here as I’ve got science to go do, but I thought I’d mention what I did and how I got lucky enough to get a sweet internship that lasts a long time and is interesting and is about vidja games. Yep!

So before last summer I was bummed because a certain friend of mine totally scored an internship at Valve, so I set my self to find a game internship for the summer too, though I doubted it would be as excellent. SO I went to GameDevMap, looked up every video game developer in seattle, and emailed every single one. Like 120 emails there. Personalized them a little so they weren’t bland, and sent it off. I probably heard back from 40% of the people I sent to (which is pretty incredible, really) and then managed to get 2 office tours, a couple of meetings, a few internship offers off in the vague future, and one internship offer at the Seattle office of Leviathan Games.

I talked to the people there who were totally cool, and then kapow, I was testin’ and workin’ and being vague as I don’t want to muck with NDA crap cause I read the document five times over and I still don’t know half of what it says. But yea! Go out there, be bold on the internet, build an internet presence via twitter and facebook and tumblr and all that crap, most of all make some games to show people that you’re cool, and maybe you get lucky!


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