Minicritique: Trine 2

In 10 words: Action-Adventure Puzzle Platformer that you should only play Co-op.

Basically, think of this: A game where 3 people can (and should) play Co-op, where the three different people either play a braid-level challenging puzzle platformer, a HookChamp-speedy platforming grappling hook fest, or a hack-n-slash platformer where you cut your way through every fight with a big sword and a shield. And then you have to work together to solve puzzles, and have to sell that stupid wizard to just telekinesis you up to the gem so that you can level up, but then he steals all your skill points anyway so you have to go downstairs to his dorm room and slam your head into…

Yea, fun game. Great use of Co-op gameplay based on differing game types for each player, showcases the excellence of that gameplay. Ridiculously colorful and unique, not to mention visually excellent, graphics. BUT, and of course there is a BUT, as with all Co-op games, you need pals to play it with – and if you don’t, the game is 90% less fun. Also, replayability is pretty much not there aside from a smattering of collectibles, so if you’re joining an online game with people you don’t know, chances are they don’t have a clue what they’re doing, and playing with people you don’t know gives you a very weird kinda-sorta-MMO group vibe, but also we’re trying to figure out puzzles for the first time so what if they spoil it for me, well then that’s boring. So the public Online mode is fairly broken inherently. Would love to see someone fix that system… I just don’t have a clue how.

Anyway, grab 2 pals and you can get Trine 2 over on steam. The 6-10-ish hours of gameplay is well worth the 15$. Just, play it with friends, or it is significantly less fun.

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