For Artists

Here’s a little thing to note, for all aspiring artists of any form:

Nothing. Is. Useless.

I signed up for a ‘Works on Paper’ class this semester, which I didn’t really know what it was, but it turned out to be a monotype and printmaking class. Those were two words which I did not, before taking this class, know the definition to. But now I know a thousand more things about painting, layering, composition, construction, art, art history, how to find a good art teacher, australian radio stations, how expensive paper can be, and – most importantly – how to make art. Which is kinda key here!

So if you ever have, y’know, an opportunity to make art – no matter how weird or foreign or unknown or crazy or unexpected – do it because it is probably 9000 times more useful that anything you could have planned.

Or at least that’s how it happened for me!


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