Johannes Itten: 1888-1967

Whats up guys, it’s laserswords from the internet, and it’s once again time for Outdated Books From the UW Art Library! Woohoo!

The rules are simple:

  1. I can’t review a book I’ve read before.
  2. The book must be in the UW Art Building Library and available for checkout.
  3. I must select said book by closing my eyes, wandering through the stacks, and picking one out at random.

With that said, let’s dive in to the snazzy yellow covered ‘Johannes Itten: 1888-1967’.

This is probably the most obfuscating, indecipherable, confusing, complex writing books in all history. If you don’t know German. Because this is in German. And I do not know German. Let me be clear: this is in German, which I do not know, at all, not even a little bit. So wikipedia says that this guy is apparently super famous for that picture above and a bunch of his work with colors, and also was like a post-Zoroastrian, which is pretty cool.

But this book didn’t tell me any of that. This book told me “…fruhen Skizze Ittens zum Kinderbild noch ganz realistisch als…”  alongside thumbnail pictures. It’s actually SUPER UNFORTUNATE because there’s some really fantastic sketchy stuff and diagrams and things, and they make them a total of 2 INCHES BY 4 INCHES. It’s freaking ridiculous! The layout of the book is fantastic, fine, but the text is useless and the pictures are tiny. You know what some of the biggest pictures are? Letters. German TEXT that takes up half of this ART book. Laaaame.

Has some fantastic color stuff, some fantastic gradient stuff, and the second half the book is actually full page bigger drawings and paintings that give you a sense of his more finished stuff. Cool things, little too abstract for me. Some really fantastic color stuff, texture stuff out there too. But the real things to look for in this book are his color stuff.

Cuz that stuff is frikken cool.

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