The Harbingers

Another little short story I wrote this year as an exercise in dramatic writing! This one was all about subversion, setting something up n’ twisting it right at the end, Shyamalanadingdong style.

“Ages from now, they wil curse our names. We who danced with the Gods and stole their fire, we who dared to reach to the stars and pull them back again. We, the Scientists and researchers of the HX Animal Research, Epsilon unit.”

We had the drive, we had the ambition. The war was more than enough reason to get the funding. And it would be a crime to doubt our scientific curiosity. But, we…”

It began with men, but our Genome was decades from complete traversal, so we moved down: Dogs, raccoons, foxes – then, Mice. They were perfect, the ultimate building block. But the war had grown worse, and the need for results was pressing.

So we rushed into development, increased hearing. Increased size, faster base land speed. Unassuming visage, a thousand other mental and physical modifications to make them into the deadly beasts we now see today.

With this program, we have ushered in a new age of warfare. We have created something so powerful, so deadly so – downright… Just remember that when children stare at television screens with blank eyes, asking – “What have they done?” – kust know that it was us. We created the rabbits.

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