Aubrey The Quill, pt. 1

[This is the first of a series of in-character recaps of a DnD session I’m running. I figured it would be way more fun to make the chronicler a reporter on the scene of the crime, so I’ve spent  a while creating a reporter named Aubrey “The Quill” Bohemond. I honestly don’t know how much sense it will make out of context, but hopefully it’s amusing at least as an experiment at making the really boring parts of DnD… less so. Tune in next week for pt 2!]

(ed. note: The following excerpts were recieved from the interviews and journals of the late Aubrey “The Quill” Bohemond, Island Correspondant for The Capitol Press. Her informal first-hand account of the people behind the Rise of the Sun King is perhaps the most accurate and clearly the most detailed account of the events that followed. While you may have seen some of these excerpts in previous publications, we hope that this book, filled with all known information on the events which began in the Winter of the 48th Year of the Tortoise, will help to clarify many points of confusion and mystification with which time has colored this story.

We begin with the infamous ‘Account of the Landing and the Large Rocks that Followed.’)

We landed at sunrise on a clear day, with each Pod assigned to their own landing vessel. Ours, the newly formed 54 led by none other than the famous fencer Sir Astrid you surely know well, was late in arrival and ended up landing further along the beach than other vessels. One of the members of our Pod spotted none other than a ruined castle, likely of Mohardeen Construction, lying in the center of a ruined crater. After some deliberation, General Boone, commanding officer of the 600 or so passengers aboard the Wayside Tavern, decided to begin reconstruction of this castle that day. The members of my Pod were concerned with the history of this castle and so concerned decided to take the first night’s watch. As we had a few Oldarin elves in the party, they took most of the watch as it is well known Oldarin need not sleep, merely meditate for a short while.

It is also worthy to note that in our Pod is none other than Princess Rane Albastion, heiress apparent to the Moshandar Crown.

Midway through the night, one of the elves, I believe his name was Latarius, was knocked from his watchpoint of a nearby tree by some force. In scrambling away and shouting, he roused the rest of the party from slumber and all leapt up, to help him. Some of the group, not fighters by trade, ran back to inform the others in the Ruins. Once Latarius was forced out of the tree line, his assailant came into full view: A great Stone Beast, colored as granite and as tall as two or three men together, wailed upon him and seperated him from his weapon. After some battle the Rock Beast was defeated, only to the shock of all watching he split into two smaller beasts each of which continued to fight on. After some measure of success, Two were beaten to dust and left behind a small black bit of rock (which I will come to later). However, with more beasts passing the tree line, the defenders of my Pod all fled back to the Ruins, where a defensive force had been rallied.

The members of my Pod reuinted in the Ruins, however, in the heat of battle several members of the soldiers were killed [ed: appendix A] and the entirety of Pod 19 vanished. The leader of my Pod, Sir Astrid, met with G. Boone and presented one of the stones, which once held caused the lights around him to swell in a most unearthly manner. Fearful of the supernatural as we all were, he ordered the stone destroyed and any others like it to be destroyed on sight. If only they had been.

The other stone was presented to the previously mentioned Latarius (notably, brother of the Chieftess of the Eon’Quo, Somaria, who will soon become relevant and was also a member of our Pod). After the day passed, curious events occured around the stone: a dense snow despite previously clear skies, headaches, illnesses, visions, speaking in tongues, etc. Little of note happened until that evening.

However, that evening, great things of note happened. First and foremost, Latarius (while walking in the woods) was surpised to be ambushed by Somaria who had been in deep debt with the Zeta Cartel, and stole the stone which was apparently valuable to them. Apparently, there was some regret as she did it. After hearing about this, Sir Astrid immediately told G. Boone of the accounts, who was disappointed but relieved it was no longer in their presence.

However, as sun set, the whole camp was stunned and frightened to find out that – while digging graves for the dead of yesterday – the entire earth beneath our feat was made of this Coal. The graves were quickly filled.

Pod 54 spent the night in the lighthouse, which was filled with arguing and information seeking verging on torture. Princess Rane was severely treated and began to cry, while Latarius revealed the true nature of his and his sister’s relationship with the Zeta cartel. Latarius later attempted to leave the building without notice, however took the Princess with her and slipped in the snow outside, breaking the princess’s arm. Her cries woke some of those inside, and after a brief bout of combat he was dragged into the General’s tent.

The following events are filled with contention, however essentially it can be inferred that two men in strange costumes who went by the names Professors’ Tall and Slim killed Latarius and proceeded to disappear into the night. Unhappy, cold, and unsatisfied, Pod 54 has fallen asleep, and my candle is dimming now so perhaps it is time for my first entry to end.

P.S.: Two more details of note: A halfling by the name of Gramore Hodgehollow, seems to have had some kind of dream about a bird who then landed on our windowsill this evening. As well, a curious black garbed woman had a few words with Sir Astrid about ‘The Sun King’ and him being a ‘Siphon’. I now need to get some sleep as it appears we are leaving on an expedition tomorrow morning.

Aubrey the Quill, signing off for the night.

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