Captain Pandemic and the Daring Kazoo – 2

(Captain Pandemic and the Daring Kazoo is a little experiment I did over the summer where I posted a short 200 word story and 2 pictures to accompany it every Thursday. It was fun enough that I think I’m going to start doing it again, however, I think this blog is a better place to do it. So I’m going to post one of these per week, then eventually catch up to the present and start making new entries! Part 1 is here.)

“Third, what in the WORLD is a missensail? Or the port bow? And how in the world would you hoist one once obtained? Christ, girl, you should try reading a book sometime.” He ducked to the right away from a sword, and signaled his sailors with a hand. “Fourth, you should know better than to engage with us while we’re sailing towards shoals like those. With my men back on board, we are now leaving.” He waited until Captain Pandemic struck forward, and used the weight of his sword to springboard her back across the waves onto her ship.

“Fifth,” he yelled, across the rocky sea and ever widening gulf between the ships, “I don’t have your stupid chalice! For the last freaking time! Go bother someone else for a change!” The Vice Admiral sighed and looked to his first mate, who was coiling a length of rope. “Maybe we should just shoot her from here, that would probably make our lives much easier. Better yet, just shoot me.”

On the other ship, shelooked off to the horizon, silhouetted against the blazing sun. “You win today, Vice Admiral… But we will be back, and you will learn to fear the name of…

Captain Pandemic of the Daring Kazoo!”

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