Captain Pandemic and the Daring Kazoo – 6

(Captain Pandemic and the Daring Kazoo was a little narrato-pictoral experiment I ran on tumblr over the summer. I liked it enough that I’m going to keep making it! However, I’m going to do it here instead. Check out Part 1 here, or the last part here.)

“Captain! A ship off the mizzenbow!”Captain Pandemic pulled her spyglass up and spied it on the horizon.

“Arr, what good luck! If we make good time, we should be able to reach it before the others! And what a prize that MacGruffin said he would give us if we were the first to retrieve the chest aboard that ship!”

“Sails to full! We’re top speed, laddesses! Throw yar anchors and whip the whale, we’re catchin’ em!”

The Vice Admiral looked back to the faint black sails growing larger. “Oh, son of a-“

Within moments they had pulled up beside each other and thrown the white flag. “Arr, hand over yer chest, ye lily-livered lilies! The Vice Admiral! I shoulda known you’d be keepin the chest for yerself. MacGruffin will hear o’ yarr defeat!”

“Erm, Captain,” Buccaneer Gray mentioned, “I believe this isn’t the ship we be looking for.”

The Vice Admiral stepped out of his cabin. “Wait, did you say MacGruffin? The man who sent us out here to hunt after that red-sailed ship?”

“No, you liver-lillied liver, you’re dumber than a plank on which you’ll be walkin’! He sent US to hunt after the red-sailed ship, not YOU! Well, us along with all the other ships in the haarrrbor.”

She looked at him accusingly and drew her sword toward his neck, and the crews of both ships waited for a solid two minutes until the dawning realization hit her face.


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