I am Lord Benjamin M. ‘Laserswords’ of House Schiffler, born in a labyrinth, deep beneath the post-apocalyptic ruins of Crete. With the help of a local Minotaur, I flew off the island on wings of wax and carbon nanotubes – and from that day forth I swore to protect the innocents of Gotham, help the Browncoats overthrow the Galactic Empire, and become a true Pokemon Master by discovering the power within. I am a roving adventurer, cartographer, and explorer, fighting Dragons and Megacorporations alike with my pencil, stylus, and lightsaber.

In my spare time, I do some stuff on the internet, involving Words, Pictures, Comics, Mandolins, And All That Kind Of Thing.

For more stuff, check out me at other places!

Twitter: (@Laserswordz)



RoosterTeeth Community Website


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